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FANTASY CHAMP: Week 3 Pickups

Now that we’ve got an idea from week 2’s performances let us make some educated decisions on who to pick up going into week 3. Here are your week 3 pickups.

Week 3 pick ups


Kevin Kolb-Arizona Cardinals: While Skelton is on the mend its Kolb who has led his Cardinals team to a 2-0 start. If your in need Kolb might have a chance to shiine down the road. Against the Eagles its risky to play him but for a QB 2 or bye week fill in he’s worth a shot in deeper leagues.


Andre Brown/David Wilson –New York Giants:
With Ahmad Bradshaw already injured (we saw that coming) Its Andre Brown who has taken over as the #1 RB for the G-men. When some thought David Wilson would be that guy, it was easy to see that Coughlin has the rookie on a short leash until he proves he can be relied upon. (crying after you fumble won’t help your matter) If you want to take a leap of faith and you’re in need…take a shot on Wilson if Brown’s not out there.

Daryl Richardson- St Louis Rams: Richardson ran 15 times for 83 yards and caught two passes for 19 yards during the Rams’ win over Washington in Week 2.
The positive here is Richardson got the call and not Isaiah Pead last week. With Jackson missing his 2nd straight practice Richardson could get the go against the Bears. Richardson has fully outplayed the Pead so monitor this situation and don’t be scared to start him if Jackson is a no go in week 3.

Mikel Leshoure- Detroit Lions: LeShoure is back. What we have no one knows as of yet. If you’re desperate you’re probably the right candidate to own him as I write this. While Kevin Smith is getting heavy looks right now and is (kind of) healthy, LeShoure is the guy who could unseat him if he gets a chance. He will probably split the work load this week and he could possibly be a potential starter in your future lineup.


Donnie Avery – Indianapolis Colts: While everyone is on the Reggie Wayne train and Austin Collie’s health cannot be trusted, Its Avery who posted 9 catches for 111 yards last week. In week one he also 2 catches for 37 yards and 1 TD. This situation should be monitored week to week since Collie status could change with the wind. With the Colts likely to play from behind in many games Avery could easily pick up garbage stats going forward if he stays healthy.

Dexter McCluster – Kansas City Chiefs: McCluster led the Chiefs with 10 targets Sunday, catching six of them for 82 yards. It looks like he’s being used more in the slot than anything. In a ppr league McCluster will be that “check down” guy. That means a lot of cheap catches when then they’re playing from behind. Good PPR value here.

Brandon LaFell- Carolina Panthers: LaFell has gotten better every year and this could be the season he breaks out. In week one he got himself a TD grab . On the day he had 5 targets for 3 grabs for 65 yards as well. With him playing second fiddle to Steve Smith, Lafell could get some quality looks especially by the goaline with his size. He should def be available in your league. Worth a grab in deeper leagues for sure.

Brandon Gibson – St. Louis Rams :He’s had 2 catches for 53 yards in game 1 and 4 catches for 51 yards in game two. The kicker here is, he’s scored in both games. Depending on what kind of league you play in Gibson could be worth a shot if you’re reaching for somebody.

Andrew Hawkins – Cincinnati Bengals:
Again let me repeat this. Hawkins is the Bengals version of Wes Welker. Did I mention that Hawkins leads all receivers in yards after the catch in the NFL? AJ Green is muy importante to the Bengals offense. But Hawkins is picking up the seconds in this offensive passing game. He’s caught 10 passes this season and is averaging 71 yards a game. He even scored for his first time last week against the Browns. He gets the Redskins this weekend and they’re likely to give up some yards on the inside as Lance Moore put up 100 against them as well. With the same kind of skill set, Hawkins could bring home some decent points this week. He holds more value in PPR leagues.


Martellus Bennett- New York Giants: Has Bennett arrived? You could say yes. He’s not an elite threat at the position yet, but he’s a guy that’s going to get plenty of looks, with Eli a big fan of his tight ends. With Hakeem Nicks often injured and Victor Cruz being doubled on some occasions, the ball has to go somewhere. In two games he has 2 scores and the Panthers last week gave up 7 catches and 71 yards and a score to Jimmy Graham. I could see Bennett receiving some love from Eli Thursday.

Scott Chandler –Buffalo Bills: Fitzpatrick likes Chandler especially when they’re offense gets in the Red Zone. In each game this year he has a touchdown and just like last year he is starting out fast. Last season he had 4 touchdowns in the beginning of the season and he’s likely to to get a shot against the Browns who have given up TDs to opposing TE’s in back to back games. With injuries to the Browns LB corps teams are taking advantage. If in need take a shot on Chandler.

Dante Rosario –San Diego Chargers: 3 catches, 30 yards and 3 touchdowns! All Rosario does is catch touchdowns…need I say more. Ok he isn’t Mr. longterm by any means, BUT if Antonio Gates is injured at any point this season don’t doubt Rosario’s worth. Am I going to pick him up probably not since there is better options like Bennett out there, but in deeper leagues he’s worth keeping your eye on for the future.

Coby Fleener- Indianapolis Colts: I feel like I have to mention this again. Let’s not forget about the relationship he has with Andrew Luck folks. Old teammates/ roommates have chemistry and that doesn’t just go away. (not that kind of chemistry…geez where is your head at?) In week 1 he had 6 grabs for 82 yards and was targeted 10 times. In week 2…2 catches for 16 yards on 4 targets equaled Wamp waaaaaa. With that being said, he gets the Jaguars this weekend which could be a positive folks.

Kyle Rudolph – Minnesota Vikings
: Don’t forget Rudolph was a training camp mvp just saying. Talent is there but are the opportunities is the question. Last week he had 3 catches for 35 yards and a 1 TD. In week 1 he had 5 catches for 67 yards so he’s worth a start if in need. I would keep your eye on him this week if your still waiting to p. folks which means he didn’t earn that nod for nothing. In week 1 he had 5 catches for 67 yards. He also was targeted 7 times on the day which made him the second most targeted receiver for the Vikings. Keep your eyes on him in the next 3 weeks. Those in deeper leagues he’s worth a pick up.


Arizona Cardinals Defense – With the Eagles coming to town their offense has been a turn over machine, as of late. The Eagle haves turned the ball over 9 times in the last 2 weeks. 4 INTS and 1 fumble in week 1 and 2 fumbles and 2 INTS in week 2. With the Arizona Cardinals defense being a big part of their 2 wins, they’re definitely looking forward to forcing Vick to turn the ball over. As an Eagle fan I’m telling you it’s worth the risk watching them closely the last two weeks.


Justin Tucker – There are many why the Ravens got rid of Billy Cundiff: 1) I don’t think the Ravens have forgiven Cundiff for missing that field goal against the Pats 2) The undrafted kicker out of Texas Justin Tucker has one helluva leg and he knows how to use it. 3) Tucker made 96 of 103 field goals (93.2 percent) in training camp and went 5-for-5 in pre-season. Last week against the Eagles Tucker had 3 field goals of 56,51,and 48 yards which made Tucker the first raven kicker to connect on 2 field goals over 50 yards in a game. Not to mention he tied the record for the longest kick in Ravens history with that 56 yarder. With that being said with range like Tuckers, and an offense that can move the sticks, it makes him Tucker pretty valuable. He is the reason why you draft your kicker in the last round, there are gems every season that arise every season.

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